Launch of the Global Atlas 3.0

27 July 2017 | Innovation

The Global Atlas for Renewable Energy is a tool for initial prospecting of renewable energy opportunities. Released this month, the Global Atlas 3.0 will enhance user experience with its new functions and capabilities for renewable energy mapping.

This launch webinar will demonstrate how users can search for maps and provide comments as well as how to work on them offline. It will showcase the Global Atlas’s new analysis capabilities, including a bioenergy production simulator, a PV battery simulator, a solar water-heater simulator, and a grid-connected solar PV system simulator.


  • Nicolas Fichaux, Senior Programme Officer, Knowledge Management, IRENA
  • Abdulmalik Oricha Ali, Associate Programme Officer, IRENA
  • Javier San Miguel Armendáriz, Strategy and Business Development Manager, CENER

For more information visit Global Atlas 3.0.