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With 167 Members, IRENA plays a leading role in the energy transformation as a centre of excellence for knowledge and innovation, a global voice for renewables, a network hub and a source of advice and support for countries.





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As a part of its contribution to the Climate Investment Platform, IRENA invites financial institutions, development organisations and private investors prepared to support the realisation of projects and projects in need of support to register their interest.






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Insights on Renewables

In 2020, renewable generating capacity expanded by far more than in recent years, well above the long term trend. Most of the expansion occurred in China and, to a lesser extent, the United States. Most other countries continued to increase renewable capacity at a similar rate to previous years. At the end of 2020, global renewable generation capacity amounted to 2 799 GW. Renewable generation capacity increased by 260 GW (+10.3%) in 2020. Solar energy continued to lead capacity expansion, with an increase of 127 GW (+22%), followed closely by wind energy with 111 GW (+18%). Hydropower capacity increased by 20 GW (+2%) and bioenergy by 2 GW (+2%). Geothermal energy increased by 164 MW. Solar and wind energy continued to dominate renewable capacity expansion, jointly accounting for 91% of all net renewable additions in 2020.




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