Events – LTES Network and LTES Campaign

Since May 2018, IRENA has organised a series of events that have gathered experts from around the world to exchange experiences and good practices on the development and use of long-term energy scenarios supporting the clean energy transition.

The discussions within these events have touched on a broad range of topics, from the institutional use of long-term energy scenarios, to advanced modelling techniques that capture the complexities of the energy system.

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January 2020 | United Arab Emirates
IRENA Assembly
A side event during IRENA’s Pre Assembly day on ‘International dialogue on energy planning: global best practices from the Long-Term Energy Scenarios Network and Roundtable Discussion on Strategic Energy Planning.’ This event will assist government decision-makers to understand how global good-practices and ongoing international dialogues on energy planning can help to develop robust national planning processes (agenda).

October 2019 | Peru
III Regional Forum of Energy Planners for Latin America
A session on "Global practices in the use and development of long-term energy scenarios for the clean energy transition”, in which IRENA showcased insights from the LTES campaign. The event was organized by UN ECLAC and hosted by OSINERGMIN. The event gathered energy planners from regional governments and intergovernmental organisations focusing in long-term energy planning in Latin America (agenda and notes).

September 2019 | United Arab Emirates
24th World Energy Council Congress
A high-level panel discussion on the "Role of scenarios and planning" in the context of Energy transformation and Regional integration of power systems. The session was organised by IRENA in a side event organised by the Clean Energy Ministerial. A summary of the whole CEM side event can be found here (agenda and proceedings).

August 2019 | Brazil
Latin America & Caribbean Climate Week
A side event on "The Relevance of Long-term Energy Scenarios to Climate Policy Making and NDC Target Setting in Latin America & the Caribbean". The event was organized by IRENA with support from the Inter American Development Bank (IDB) (agenda and proceedings).

July 2019 | Croatia
Workshop to exchange experience on energy systems modelling for planning
A presentation on the “First-year findings of the CEM LTES campaign” and a discussion session with government energy system modellers. The event was organized by the IAEA and hosted by the Energy Institute Hrvoje Pozar (agenda).

June 2019 | China
World New Energy Vehicle Congress
A session on “Integration issues of EVs and their role in long-term energy scenarios”. The event was hosted by the China Association for Science and Technology (CAST) and the People's Government of Hainan Province, the session was organized by the Clean Energy Ministerial (agenda).

June 2019 | United Arab Emirates;
Seventeenth Meeting of the IRENA Council
A thematic session on “Planning the Clean Energy Transition: How long-term energy scenarios can support decision-makers”. The event was organized by IRENA as a side event during IRENA’s Seventeenth Meeting of the Council (agenda and proceedings).

May 2019 | Canada
10th Clean Energy Ministerial
A session on “Planning the clean energy transition: How long-term energy scenarios can support decision-makers”. The side event, part of the 10th Clean Energy Ministerial meeting, was organized by IRENA and hosted by Natural Resources Canada (agenda and proceedings) .

April 2019 | Germany
Long-term Energy Scenario (LTES) Campaign: 2019 International Forum
The first international forum that gathered members and partners of the LTES campaign. The event was organised by IRENA and included a side event during the 2019  Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue in Berlin (agenda and proceedings) .

March 2019 | USA
Forum on Scenarios for Climate and Societal Futures
A session on “Renewable-based Electrification: How can we Improve Scenarios for Clean Energy Transition?”. The event was co-organized by IRENA and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s Joint Institute for Strategic Energy Analysis and was hosted by the University of Denver (agenda and proceedings).

February 2019 | Brazil
Long-term Scenarios for the Clean Energy Transition in Latin America workshop
A workshop on how “Latin American countries use, develop and build capacity for long-term energy scenarios”. The event was co-hosted by the Ministry of Mines and Energy and the Energy Research Office of Brazil (agenda and proceedings).

February 2019 |Germany
Bundling expertise, shaping politics - energy change now! Essence of the three basic studies on the feasibility of the energy transition until 2050 in Germany
A discussion session on “Lessons learnt on the use and development of scenarios for the clean energy transition in Germany”. The event was organised by the German Energy Agency (DENA) (agenda).

January 2019 | United Arab Emirates
World Future Energy Summit
A session on “Planning energy positive solutions”. The event was held at the World Future Energy Summit and hosted by Masdar – Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company.

November 2018 | Belgium
Global Science, Technology & Innovation Conference (G-STIC)
A session on “Practical examples and the impact of the application of long-term energy scenarios, and their better use/development”. The event was organized by VITO (agenda and proceedings).

November 2018 – March 2019 | Webinar Series
A series of Webinars on Long-term Energy Scenarios
A webinar series looking at “How to best use scenarios for decision making, improve scenarios for the clean energy transition and identifying approaches to building capacity in governments”. The initiative was organised by IRENA and hosted speakers form different institutions and governments participating in the LTES campaign.

November 2018 | Germany
The Energy Technology Systems Analysis Program (ETSAP) workshop A session on “ETSAP IRENA CEM collaboration: Innovation in long-term energy scenarios
The workshop was organised by the Energy Technology Systems Analysis Program (ETSAP).

October 2018 | China
The third International Forum on Energy Transition at Suzhou city
A workshop on “China Power System Modelling Workshop: Enabling Transformation”. The workshop was organized by the Sino-German Energy Partnership (agenda).

September 2018 | Germany
IRENA Innovation Week 2018
Lunchtime Side Event – “Innovations and the future energy system: What’s missing in today’s long-term scenarios?”. The event was organised by IRENA (agenda).

July 2018 | Croatia
Exchange of Experience with the Modelling of Energy Systems for Planning Purposes
Sessions on “Solutions to Analytical Challenges and Improving Analysis in Member States” and on “Relevance of Energy Systems Analysis for Policy in the Member States”. The workshop was organized by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and hosted by the Energy Institute Hrvoje Pozar (agenda).

July 2018 | Sweden
The 37th Edition of International Energy Workshop
A side event on “Renewable energy and the future of long-term energy scenarios: Emerging practices and channels for policy impact”. The workshop was hosted by Chalmers University of Technology (agenda and proceedings).

June 2018 | Belgium
Fifth RGI future scenario exchange workshop
A session on “Modelling the clean energy transition – Clean Energy Ministerial campaign on long-term scenarios”. The workshop was organised by Renewable Grid Initiatives and hosted by ENTSO-E Headquarters (agenda and proceedings).