Energy Transition Scenarios Network - Events

The following events have been planned under the network and in association with the campaign:  

June 2018: Fifth RGI future scenario exchange workshop organized by Renewable Grid Initiatives and hosted by ENTSO-E Headquarters (Belgium)

  • A session on “Modelling the clean energy transition – Clean Energy Ministerial campaign on long-term scenarios”. 
  • Target group: NGOs, TSOs.

June 2018: The 37th Edition of International Energy Workshop hosted by Charmers university (Sweden)

  • A side event on “Renewable energy and the future of long-term energy scenarios: Emerging practices and channels for policy impact”
  • Target group: Energy modelers.

July 2018: Workshop on the Exchange of Experience with the Modelling of Energy Systems for Planning Purposes organized by International Atomic Energy Agency and hosted by Energy Institute Hrvoje Pozar (Croatia) – by invitation only:

  • Sessions on “Solutions to Analytical Challenges and Improving Analysis in Member States” and on “Relevance of Energy Systems Analysis for Policy in Member States”.
  • Target group: government energy planners.

October 2018: The third International Forum on Energy Transition at Suzhou city (China)

November 2018: The Energy Technology Systems Analysis Program (ETSAP) workshop (Stuttgart)

November 2018: A series of Webinars on Long-term Energy Scenarios

November 2018: CEM Week (Brazil) 

November 2018: Global Science, Technology & Innovation Conference organized by VITO (Belgium)

  • A session on “practical examples and the impact of the application of long-term energy scenarios, and their better use/development.

January 2019: World Future Energy Summit (UAE)

February 2019:“Bundling expertise, shaping politics - energy change now! Essence of the three basic studies on the feasibility of the energy transition until 2050 in Germany”

February 2019: Latin America LTES Workshop (Brazil)

March 2019: Forum on Scenarios for Climate and Societal Futures hosted at University of Denver (USA)

April 2019: LTES Campaign 2019 International Forum (Germany)

May 2019: Roundtable discussion at the CEM 10 ministerial meeting. See the Agenda.