Terms and Conditions

01 September – 31 December 2012 |Abu Dhabi, UAE

These terms and conditions shall apply to your participation in the “IRENA Gender in Wind Energy Employment Survey” (hereinafter “the Survey”), which shall include your completion of the Survey and submission of the completed Survey to IRENA.

1. Eligibility and Provision of Information

1.1 This Survey is open to individuals and representatives of organisations authorised to submit survey responses on behalf of their organisation. If you are completing this survey as a representative of an organisation, you will be requested to provide the name of your organisation which, if you elect to provide this, shall be used solely for internal purposes.
1.2 You understand that any information you provide in the course of accessing or participating in the Survey is subject to these terms and conditions.
1.3 Participation in the Survey is voluntary and thus you may choose not to provide an answer to any given question of the Survey except for those questions marked as compulsory. For such questions, failure to respond to these may mean that you are not able to complete the Survey.
1.4 All information provided in response to questions in the Survey shall be aggregated with information provided by other participants in the Survey (hereinafter “Respondents”). This aggregated information shall be included in the IRENA, GWEC and GWNET “Women: A Gender perspective” report (hereinafter “Report”) in such a way so that personal data of Respondents and, where applicable, the organisations on behalf of which they act shall not be disclosed.
1.5 IRENA, GWEC and GWNET reserve its right to communicate with you using your contact details, including to seek permission to pass on your information in a way which would allow you and/or your organisation to be identified. Information provided by you in the context of the Survey may also be disclosed if required by applicable laws and regulations and/or requests under legal process.
1.6 By participating in the Survey, you agree to grant IRENA and/or any contractor(s) engaged by IRENA in relation to the administration of the Survey, including the analysis of the responses to the Survey and preparation of the Report, an irrevocable, perpetual, worldwide and royalty-free license to use the information you provide for the purpose of the development of the Report in the conditions specified herein.

2. Disclaimer of liability

2.1 Neither IRENA nor its Members shall assume responsibility for the information provided by Respondents.
2.2 IRENA reserve its right in its sole discretion, without notice, explanation or liability, to: cancel, terminate or discontinue the Survey or modify in any way part or all of the Survey at any time; exclude any Respondent from participation in the Survey if it is believed that it does not comply with these terms and conditions; and use part or all of the information provided by Respondents for the purpose of the Report in accordance with Article 1.4 above.
2.3 By participating in the Survey, you accept that neither IRENA nor its Members shall, under any circumstances, be responsible or liable to you for any kind of loss, damage, liability or expense incurred or suffered (including all loss of profit, loss of use, loss of revenue, loss of contracts, increased costs and expenses and all special, indirect and consequential losses) which is claimed to result from your participation in the Survey.
2.4 Neither IRENA nor its Members make any warranty as to the accuracy or reliability of any information obtained through the Survey or of the Survey’s results.
2.5 IRENA will make its best efforts to protect the confidentiality of Respondents’ private information and personal data. However, IRENA does not warrant the confidentiality or security of such information. In addition, neither IRENA nor its Members shall under any circumstances be held responsible or liable for any breach of confidentiality and/or security.

3. Settlement of Disputes

3.1 Any dispute, controversy or claim that arises between the Respondents and IRENA in connection with their participation in the Survey, unless settled amicably, shall be resolved in accordance with the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL) arbitration rules as at present in force.
3.2 IRENA is an international organisation which is entitled to privileges and immunities under international and domestic law. None of the provisions of these terms and conditions shall be construed as constituting a waiver, express or implied, of IRENA's privileges and immunities.

4. Modification of the Terms and Conditions

4.1 IRENA may modify the terms and conditions governing the Survey at any time. Such modifications shall be effective immediately upon notice thereof, which may be given by any means including, but not limited to, posting new terms and conditions on the website on which the Survey is hosted. Participation in the Survey after such modification shall be deemed to constitute acceptance by you of the terms and conditions existing at that time, including any modifications.

5. Use of the IRENA Logo

5.1 Unless expressly authorised in writing by IRENA, as applicable, you shall not, in any manner whatsoever, use the name, emblem or official seal of IRENA, or any abbreviation thereof, in connection with your business or otherwise.

6. IRENA Information

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Masdar City
PO Box 236
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Tel: +971 2 417 9000