Global Geothermal Alliance Stakeholders Meeting

15 – 16 June 2015 |United Nations Office at Nairobi (UNON)

Director-General Adnan Z. Amin at the GGA Meeting

The Global Geothermal Alliance (GGA) will serve as a coalition for action to increase the share of geothermal energy in the global energy mix through both geothermal power generation and direct use of geothermal heat.

Over 70 high level representatives of partners of the GGA from more than 20 countries met in Nairobi to discuss the concept of the Global Geothermal Alliance initiative. Participants of the meeting included representatives from African Union Commission; Eastern Africa Power Pool; ENEL Green Power; European Investment Bank; Geothermal Energy Association; International Geothermal Association; International Finance Cooperation, JICA, New Partnership for Africa's Development; Regional Electricity Regulators Association of Southern Africa; Reykjavik Geothermal; Secretariat of the Pacific Community; UNEP; World Bank.

The valuable feedback provided during the meeting will shape the way forward towards its formal launch at the COP21 in Paris.

Presentations by session below:

Session 1: Geothermal Energy: Challenges and Opportunities

Although geothermal energy is a proven clean technology, the slow pace of its deployment hinders reaping benefits geothermal can bring in as a game changer. This Session provided an overview of the deployment of geothermal energy at the global scale.

International Geothermal Association (IGA), Overview of geothermal deployment - Trends

IRENA, Global Atlas for Renewable Energy, Support to the GGA


Country Presentations:

Kenya:Geothermal Development Company

Ethiopia:Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Energy

Philippines:Department of Energy

Colombia:Mining and Energy Planning Unit

Peru:Ministry of Energy and Mines

Costa Rica: Costa Rican Institute of Electricity

El Salvador: National Energy Council

SPC: Secretariat of the Pacific Community

Participants during the GGA meeting

Session 2: Enabling Geothermal Investments

Through stakeholder experiences and perspectives, this session will highlight financial mechanisms available for geothermal and infrastructure investment, the creation of enabling policy and regulatory environments to attract investment, and risk mitigation tools to encourage investment.

IRENA, Geothermal Energy policy regulation and capacity needs assessment methodology

Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy of France, Innovative schemes in support of geothermal energy industry in France

African Union Commission, Geothermal risk mitigation facility GRMF Its Role in Unlocking Investment

Geothermal Energy Association (GEA) of the USA, Best practices for geothermal power risk reduction

ENEL Green Power, Geothermal opportunities in Kenya

International Finance Cooperation (IFC), Private financing of geothermal development: IFC’s global experience

Other presentations:

UNEP, UNEP-African Rift Geothermal Development Facility

Session 3: Global Geothermal Alliance

This session will provide detailed discussion of the concept of the Global Geothermal Alliance initiative based on the draft Concept Note circulated to all stakeholders prior to the meeting.

IRENA, The concept of the Global Geothermal Alliance

A tour of Olkaria Geothermal Complex and Power Station in Nakuru, Kenya, for meeting attendees

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