Transforming the Transport Sector: IRENA Outlook for Advanced Biofuels

19 January 2016 |Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

On the sidelines of the World Future Energy Summit, IRENA’s innovation team presented a “technology outlook” on advanced liquid biofuels. Such fuels are crucial for the transition to sustainable future transportation. Policy makers and experts heard the preliminary results of IRENA’s forthcoming report, which highlights opportunities related to advanced biofuel technologies. The report provides an overview of the sector, offers a comparative assessment of different pathways for this key renewable energy source, and examines both technical and non-technical barriers, market needs, innovation prospects and strategies for the next 30 years. Discussions followed on research and development into biofuel feedstock and industry experiences in the aviation market. Abu Dhabi-based Masdar Institute of Science and Technology and Etihad Airways shared their hands-on experience and insights from their existing initiatives.

Below please find the agenda, the presentations and a summary report on the workshop.

Summary Report