Energy Planning Capacity Building Sierra Leone

28 May – 08 June 2018 |Freetown, Sierra Leone

Under the Capacity Building Programme on Long-Term Energy Planning (Programme) in Sierra Leone, IRENA conducted two 2-week trainings to familiarise the national technical working team with the System Planning Test (SPLAT) model application for Sierra Leone and with developing energy scenarios. The national working team consists of around 20 national energy experts, that were the recipients of national capacity building. Under the Programme, the national working team developed a national energy master plan.

The National Training 1 focused on:

  • Reviewing the data in the SPLAT-SL model
  • Completing the update of the model
  • Advancing the expansion of the SPLAT-SL to non-power sectors
  • Defining the scenarios to be analyzed in the national energy master plan.

The outcome of the training is a completed SPLAT-SL model and a draft framework for the master plan.