The Third International Forum on Energy Transitions

18 – 19 October 2018 |Suzhou, China

The International Forum on Energy Transitions provided a unique platform for dialogue. In the previous sessions, more than seven hundred strategic thinkers, government officials, experts and representatives from the energy industry and business community across the globe, gathered together in Suzhou city to discuss how to transform unsustainable energy systems towards a sustainable, low-carbon and resilient energy future.

As the momentum of the energy transition driven by renewables continues to strengthen, this year’s Forum charted feasible pathways for decarbonising the energy systems through higher shares of renewables in the power mix and greater electrification in end-use sectors; explored innovative solutions for transforming the urban and regional energy systems by applying more renewable and enabling technologies; discussed how green financing can facilitate the acceleration of the global energy transition; and shared experiences and lessons learned on the global collaboration on renewable energy investment and project implementation. The Forum's outcomes will contribute to setting the global trend for discussions on energy transition.

The third International Forum on Energy Transitions targeted around 800 participants from different countries with mix of policy makers, energy advisors and experts, local government officials, and investors as well as academia.