Project Navigator

Exploring the platform

Project Navigator is a project facilitation platform supporting project stakeholders in overcoming challenges to renewable energy project development. It is divided into three targeted areas:

State-of-the-art renewable energy project guidelines with tools and templates

Online tools and forms that can be used to develop bankable project proposals.

Curated search engine of renewable energy financing instruments

Learning Section

The learning section addresses major knowledge gaps in renewable energy project development theory and practice. It contains project development guidelines for several types of renewable energy projects including technical, economic and financial information, analysis and best practices to help users understand how to develop a renewable energy project.

Learning section


Structured methodology to develop a bankable renewable energy project.


Knowledge and best practices covering the lifecycle of a renewable energy project.

and Case Studies

Materials to support the development of a renewable energy project​​​​​​​​​.

Project Navigator introduces a project development process structured in nine distinct phases designed to support the progressive development of renewable energy projects.

Project development cycle

The Project Navigator is based around the concept of front-end loading (FEL) which enables an efficient use of resources and informed decision-making. The project development process typically starts with the identification of a business opportunity. Different options based on perceived feasibility are then evaluated to select the most promising alternative.
Subsequently, technical and financial project concepts are developed along with appropriate risk mitigation to prepare the final investment decision. The main advantage of FEL is that it allows project developers to tackle problems early and avoid incurring higher costs at later stages.

Technical Concept Guidelines provide information, analysis and best practices covering the complete project lifecycle of a renewable energy project. The platform provides guidelines for several types of renewable energy projects including:


Utility-scale Solar

Projects using large solar photovoltaic arrays that convert solar radiation into direct current electricity.

Distributed Solar

Projects using rooftop solar arrays or mini-grids to improve a household or a community's energy supply.


Projects using sustainable biomass feedstock or biogas to generate electricity and heat.

Wind energy

Projects harnessing the energy of wind with turbines located on land.


Projects accessing the natural heat from the Earth’s crust to pump up hot water or steam from deep wells.

Small hydropower

Projects using the energy of flowing water to generate electricity for rural electrification or productive use.

A focus of the guidelines is to detail project requirements preceding the final investment decision, i.e. from project identification to final investment decision. By using the guidelines, project developers can apply typical project approaches and meet requirements to develop a bankable renewable energy project.

Project Navigator provides project preparation tools in an offline or online format as well as a series of project templates and case studies. In total, the platform features more than 50 tools and templates.

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Interactive Workspace

The interactive workspace is a private and confidential project environment where project stakeholders can apply tools to improve a renewable energy project proposal. It enables stakeholders to keep track of their progress, identify gaps, and export work with dedicated templates.

Interactive Workspace
Tailored-made tools to improve a renewable energy project proposal.

The interactive workspace provides online tools such as checklists and evaluation forms can be applied to help structure bankable project proposals. It enables project developers in assessing the project maturity in the development project life cycle, mapping key project stakeholders, creating effective engagement plans, planning development and implementation activities, evaluating project risks to align project development steps with international best practices.

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Financial Navigator

The Financial Navigator is a search engine that gives access to information on a variety of renewable energy financing solutions. The platform has identified over 30 financing instruments for renewable energy projects worldwide, covering debt, equity and grant facilities.

A search engine to access renewable energy financing.

The Financial Navigator enables users to screen financing instruments by type of renewable technology and location. The search engine then gives access to application requirements for each specific instrument.

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