India becomes 77th Member

12 March 2009| Articles

Ambassador Meera Shankar signed the Statute on 17 March 2009

Signing India

Source: Team/AA

Ambassador Meera Shankar signed the Statute in the German Foreign Office in the presence of Secretary of State, Heinrich Tiemann, and the Chairman of IRENA’s Administrative Committee, Dr. Karsten Sach. Welcoming the membership of India, Dr. Karsten Sach said: "The commitment of India to IRENA is a strong signal for a widespread and sustainable use of renewable energy." He added: "Being one of the world leaders in renewable energy, India demonstrates that renewable energy and sustainable economic development go hand in hand." India has become the 77th Founding Member of IRENA. Like all other Signatories India is now a Member of the Preparatory Commission and will participate in the designation of the Interim Director-General and the Agency’s headquarters. Both decisions will be taken in June.