Renewable Energy Innovation Gets a Boost in Bonn

19 May 2016| Articles

May 11-13 2016, IRENA hosted its first-ever Innovation Week in Bonn, Germany, gathering industrial and political front runners to present, discuss and explore innovative solutions within this year’s theme – The Age of Renewable Power. Event attendees worked to answer four key questions on renewable energy innovation in the power sector.

  1. What specific opportunities and challenges are considered within your country?
  2. What are the relevant innovations for your constituency?
  3. What are the priority areas for policy development to support and guide innovation efforts?
  4. Which gaps in international cooperation should be bridged and how?

Responses will be fed into a ‘Global Innovation Agenda’ document to be shared in June, so stay tuned.

Event highlights:

Live event coverage can also be found via the #IRENAinnovation hashtag, which was used by 660+ contributors in 1,200+ tweets over an 11 day period. In total, it reached 1.3+ million accounts and created 8.6+ million impressions.

Event photos