IRENA DG’s Indonesian Mission Breaks Ground on Future G20 Investment Forum

Led by the IRENA’s Director-General, Francesco La Camera, the Agency undertook a four-day mission to Indonesia from 24-27 July.

  • August 2022

In an Indonesian Village, Solar Light Drives Gender-Equitable Economy and Improves Welfare

With significant renewable energy potential, Indonesia is poised to achieve its target of 23 per cent share of renewables in total energy consumption by 2025 – if policy, technology, and finance are in place to support it.

  • April 2022

Building the Next Phase of Growth in Southeast Asia Around Renewable Energy. It’s Possible.

A global trade hub and a strong example of the benefits of regional cooperation, Southeast Asia promises to emerge as one the most successful economic development stories of the 21st century. To fulfil its full potential however, the region should...

  • October 2019

Growing Flores's "Geothermal Garden"

IRENA, IGA, World Bank workshop demonstrates how a uniform classification of geothermal resources may help attract geothermal investment in Indonesia.

  • April 2018

Indonesia’s ‘Superheroines’ Empowered with Renewables

Women and renewables empowerment programme expands solar energy access to Indonesia’s off-grid communities.

  • April 2018

IRENA, IGA and World Bank Team Up to Streamline Geothermal Energy Development

New country-level resource data gathering and classification effort to streamline geothermal investments and facilitate more projects around the world.

  • April 2018