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Blue Economy Can Help Members Boost Offshore Renewables

The virtual meeting was attended by 57 participants from 32 Members and States in Accession as well as representatives of the industry and international organisations.

  • June 2022

IRENA Members Aim to Reach High Shares of Renewables with Long-term Energy Scenarios

“International cooperation and Long-term Energy Scenarios (LTES) are critical to achieving high renewables integration in the energy system,” says Francesco La Camera, IRENA Director-General.

  • June 2022

IRENA Members Back New Blueprint for Hydropower Advancement

Co-facilitated by Costa Rica, the meeting drew interest from more than 60 participants from 35 Members and States in Accession to discuss critical challenges and potential solutions pertaining to the advancement of sustainable hydropower globally.

  • June 2022

IRENA Members Launch New Framework on Project Facilitation

IRENA held its first meeting of the “Collaborative Framework on Project Facilitation to Support the Energy Transition”.

  • May 2022

IRENA Members Call for Hydrogen Trade Beyond Borders

The Collaborative Framework on Green Hydrogen witnessed a high level of engagement by private actors and government representatives from member countries who discussed the role of international hydrogen trade.

  • May 2022

IRENA Members Pave Way for New Cooperation on Critical Materials

A new IRENA platform has been launched to exchange knowledge, best practices, and coordinate actions to ensure that the scarcity of minerals and materials does not threaten the accelerated deployment of renewable energy.

  • March 2022

IRENA Members Pave Way for New Green Hydrogen Toolbox

As part of IRENA’s autumn Council, Member countries convened today in a Collaborative Framework on Green Hydrogen co-facilitated by Morocco and the European Commission, discussed how industry recommendations can turn into concrete measures for...

  • October 2021

IRENA Members Contribute to G20 Action Agenda on Offshore Renewables

On the occasion of the 2021 World Ocean Day, over 70 IRENA members and private sector representatives came together in a Collaborative Framework on Ocean Energy and Offshore Renewables to accelerate the deployment of ocean technologies worldwide.

  • June 2021

IRENA Members Welcome New Framework on Just and Inclusive Energy Transition

Representatives from over 50 IRENA member countries gathered for the first meeting of the Collaborative Framework for Just and Inclusive Energy Transitions. The meeting took place during the last week’s IRENA Council and was co-facilitated by...

  • May 2021

IRENA Members Lay Ground for Green Hydrogen Trading

IRENA’s Collaborative Framework on Green Hydrogen underlined the critical role of hydrogen for a net-zero economy in line with IRENA’s 1.5C scenario.

  • May 2021