Site-Specific Assessment of Bioenergy Potential is Now Possible with IRENA's Bioenergy Simulator

The Bioenergy Simulator is a web-based geospatial tool that allows users to understand bioenergy potential and related issues in a specific selected area.

  • March 2022

IRENA Launches Global Atlas 4.0

IRENA Global Atlas 4.0 incorporates more than 1000 revised renewable energy resource maps, complemented by key information such as the availability of transmission networks, population density and protected areas.

  • June 2021

Caribbean Embraces New Geothermal Resource Classification

IRENA and partners pilot for the first time at a regional level a system to encourage investment in geothermal projects.

  • December 2018

IRENA to Integrate Iraq’s New Solar Map into Global Atlas

New solar resource map will help identify the best solar resources for informing and facilitating renewable energy planning across the country.

  • June 2018

IRENA, IGA and World Bank Team Up to Streamline Geothermal Energy Development

New country-level resource data gathering and classification effort to streamline geothermal investments and facilitate more projects around the world.

  • April 2018

IRENA Global Atlas 3.0: Resource data for renewable energy professionals

Upgrade to IRENA’s renewable energy prospecting platform fosters user collaboration for developing more renewable projects.

  • June 2017

Simulating Bioenergy Potential

A new IRENA online simulator, estimates potential yields of bioenergy produced anywhere in the world, and is looking to the public to help validate its data.

  • December 2016

New Solar & Wind Maps Downloadable on IRENA Global Atlas

This past May, IRENA’s Global Atlas for Renewable Energy unveiled a new feature that allows users to download renewable resource data from selected datasets for offline analysis.

  • August 2016

Renewable Resource Data Now Available for Free Download

Today, IRENA launched a new version of the Global Atlas for Renewable Energy, the online renewable energy mapping platform. For the first time, the platform allows users to download resource data for offline analysis, and to print and...

  • May 2016

Seeing the Wind with the New Global Wind Atlas

As many countries look toward incorporating renewables into their energy mix, they seek reliable renewable energy data. In planning wind farms, for example, developers naturally pick areas with the highest wind speeds. In datasets that provide...

  • October 2015