IRENA's Coalition for Action Calls for Green Recovery Based on Renewables

Over 100 leading players in renewable energy gathered under the IRENA Coalition for Action, have come together in a joint call for action, putting forward concrete recommendations on how governments can ensure a rapid and sustained economic recovery.

  • April 2020

Beyond Crisis: Renewable Energy for a Low-carbon Future

A sustainable and resilient future is within our reach. Renewable energy investment and policy action must scale-up to boost economies, create millions of jobs and improve welfare across the world.

  • April 2020

IRENA Reschedules the Nineteenth Council Meeting

Governing Body Meeting now scheduled to take place early November.

  • April 2020

The Investment Case for Energy Transition in Africa

IRENA and UNDP’s Africa Centre for Sustainable Development outline why significant investment is needed to transform Africa’s energy system.

  • March 2020

Battery Storage Paves Way for a Renewable-powered Future

Battery storage systems are emerging as one of the key solutions to effectively integrate high shares of solar and wind renewables in power systems worldwide. IRENA analysis illustrates how electricity storage technologies can be used for a variety...

  • March 2020

Measures to Strengthen Preparedness and Continuity of Operations in Response to COVID-19

IRENA Secretariat has decided not to hold any physical meetings during March and April at its premises in Abu Dhabi, Bonn, New York and elsewhere. 

  • March 2020

Financing the Global Energy Transformation: Green Bonds

Despite the positive renewable energy investment trends over the past decade, annual investments in renewable energy power alone need to double until 2050 to meet climate goals. IRENA has recently published a series of renewable energy finance briefs...

  • March 2020

Mali Builds Climate Resilience with Solar PV

Mali Renewable Readiness Assessment concluded that indigenous energy resources, such as solar energy, could help to boost the country's climate resilience.

  • February 2020

Discussions on Sustainable Aviation Take Place in Abu Dhabi

In context of ICAO’s annual Fuel Task Group meeting, IRENA hosts discussion on role of biofuels in aviation decarbonisation.

  • February 2020

Public and Private Sectors Unite on Need for More Renewables

Coalition for Action calls on all governments to urgently enhance their NDCs, deploy higher shares of renewables and increase investments

  • January 2020