Women Entrepreneurs Invited to Be in the Vanguard of Africa’s Energy Transition

The Renewable Energy Entrepreneurship Support Facility is currently inviting its third cohort of entrepreneurs in particular women, with a focus in clean cooking access.

  • October 2022

IRENA – Barefoot College Partnership Leaves Rural Footprint with Skilled Energy Champions

Under the agreement, the Solar Mama programme will be linked to the IRENA-supported Entrepreneurship Support Facility programme for mentorship, peer-to-peer learning and enterprise twinning.

  • June 2022

The Big Impact of Mini-Grids in Mali’s Rural Areas

Solar mini-grids are not only a viable option for last-mile communities but are also at the heart of economic development and improved healthcare in those areas.

  • May 2022

An African Green Deal to Deliver Prosperous Future

The energy transition is also a roadmap to clean industrialisation and economic independence in Africa. Here is how a comprehensive ‘green deal’ could get the continent there.

  • February 2022

Rooftop Solar Power in Uganda: Changing Lives, One Family at A Time

To analyse the potential usage and investment needs of installing rooftop solar PV on different structures, the Municipality of Kasese in Uganda received IRENA’s support through the use of SolarCity Simulator.

  • February 2022

IRENA and IAEA to Help African Union Develop Continental Power Master Plan with EU support

The initiative is led by the African Union Development Agency (AUDA) with the technical and financial support of the European Union (EU), and is aimed at establishing a long-term continent-wide planning process.

  • September 2021

How Solar Power is Reducing Maternal Mortality Rates in Zimbabwe

A renewable energy innovation has improved obstetric care to last-mile communities across Zimbabwe, successfully supporting over 180,000 deliveries per year since its introduction.

  • July 2021

Eastern and Southern Africa's Vast Renewables Potential Offers Route to Sustainable Growth

A new study assesses the long-term energy plans the two regional power pools, known as the Eastern and Southern African Power Pools, and finds the region well-endowed with high quality, cost-effective, but under-utilised wind and solar resources.

  • April 2021

Energy Innovation for a Green Recovery in Africa

Identifying the opportunities for technology innovation and digitalisation to unlock Africa’s energy and economic potential was the theme of a virtual discussion hosted by IRENA and the Africa Renewable Energy Initiative (AREI).

  • September 2020

The Investment Case for Energy Transition in Africa

IRENA and UNDP’s Africa Centre for Sustainable Development outline why significant investment is needed to transform Africa’s energy system.

  • March 2020