What We Do Today Affects Tomorrow: SIDS Youth Embrace Renewables

Although vulnerable to the severest impacts of a warming planet, SIDS have historically contributed the least to global carbon emissions.

  • April 2022

Ocean Renewables: Powering the Blue Economy

Offshore renewables can play a key role in harnessing the benefits of the blue economy for sustainable development in SIDS, said IRENA Director-General Francesco La Camera, at the Our Oceans conference held in Palau.

  • April 2022

In an Indonesian Village, Solar Light Drives Gender-Equitable Economy and Improves Welfare

With significant renewable energy potential, Indonesia is poised to achieve its target of 23 per cent share of renewables in total energy consumption by 2025 – if policy, technology, and finance are in place to support it.

  • April 2022

IRENA and China State Grid Pave Way Towards Smart Electrification

The joint workshop gathered speakers and energy experts from IRENA, the State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC) and State Grid Energy Research Institute (SGERI).

  • February 2022

Strong Cooperation and Enabling Policies can Lead Energy Transformation in Southeast Asia

IRENA and ASEAN Centre for Energy webinar brings more than 160 participants together to discuss the opportunities low-cost renewables offer the region

  • August 2020

How Global Energy Transformed in 2019

As we enter a new decade during which significant carbon emission reductions need to be made, 2019 presents a picture of positive momentum. See 20 reminders of how energy transformation advanced in 2019. 

  • January 2020

Small Island Developing States: Renewable Ambition in Pursuit of Climate Change Adaptation

Through its initiative, IRENA provides platforms to support: the development of policy frameworks; the identification of potential renewable energy resources; project facilitation; capacity building; and helping island countries find financial and...

  • December 2019

City Roadmap 2050 Supports Low-Carbon Winter Olympics 2022 in China

Zhangjiakou benefits from an abundant renewable energy resources, including an estimated technical resource potential of 30 gigawatts (GW) for solar photovoltaics (PV) and 40 GW for wind. IRENA’s report finds that after 2035, the city can...

  • November 2019

Building the Next Phase of Growth in Southeast Asia Around Renewable Energy. It’s Possible.

A global trade hub and a strong example of the benefits of regional cooperation, Southeast Asia promises to emerge as one the most successful economic development stories of the 21st century. To fulfil its full potential however, the region should...

  • October 2019