Decarbonising end-use sectors: Practical insights on green hydrogen

May 2021
ISBN : 978-92-9260-346-5

The IRENA Coalition for Action brings together leading renewable energy players from around the world with the common goal of advancing the uptake of renewable energy. The Coalition facilitates global dialogue between public and private sectors to develop actions that increase the share of renewables in the global energy mix and accelerate energy transitions.

Green hydrogen – hydrogen produced from renewable energy – can provide the critical link between renewable electricity generation and hard-to-abate sectors such as industry and heavy transport. Featuring several case studies on pioneering green hydrogen projects and first-hand interviews, this white paper by the Coalition provides insights from a renewable energy industry perspective on the growth opportunities of green hydrogen and what is needed from policy makers to accelerate its adoption worldwide.

Key takeaways for governments:

  • Act now to develop national strategies and plans for green hydrogen.
  • Increase ambitions in renewable energy deployment.
  • Develop globally recognised standards and supporting certification schemes for green hydrogen.
  • Prioritise use of green hydrogen in hard-to-abate sectors where no cheaper decarbonisation options exist and avoid applications leading to carbon lock-in.
  • Implement financial policies and incentives to accelerate early-stage innovation and deployment of green hydrogen technologies.
  • Stimulate demand for green hydrogen through carbon pricing and other regulatory measures.
  • Consider how existing regulation of electricity grid fees and taxation affect opportunities for green hydrogen production.
  • Promote development of green hydrogen hubs and valleys.
  • Strengthen international co-operation and partnerships to accelerate green hydrogen uptake.