Renewable Energy in the Manufacturing Sector: The next frontier

18 February 2015 | Energy Transition

A third of global energy is consumed in the manufacturing sector to convert raw materials like oil, iron or, trees or crops into products like plastics, metals, paper and food. Currently, only 8% of energy consumption in the manufacturing comes from renewable energy sources, mainly biomass. The renewable energy in manufacturing roadmap of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) has identified a substantial potential to increase the share of renewables in the manufacturing sector through biomass, solar thermal applications, geothermal applications, heat pumps, and electrification.

This webinar launches the in-depth study that has been used to assess the techno-economic potential at a regional level up to 2030, and discuss in more detail the six priority areas that warrant action from both policy makers and industrial stakeholders.

The presentation will be accompanied by three tangible industry case studies.